Casual Friday: What’s in a name?

Casual Friday:  What’s in a name?

Answer:  A mouse click!  What if you’re trying to commercialize the next best thing since sliced bread,  you’re having a hard time figuring out your soon-to-be-a-household-name moniker, and you can’t afford the services of Strategic Name Development as described in Laura’s older post?  Enter the Casual Friday version of ‘What’s in a name?’, in which you need only visit Company Name Generator.  How do you think we came up with bizologie?  (kidding!)

Just hit the Generate button over and over, and let the spiffy code do all the work of making a name and checking to see if its .com address is available.   Or if you prefer to be deeply devoted to your domain’s derivation (I can’t resist consonance), go to the Advanced page.  There you can play a game not unlike Wheel of Fortune.  Enter the consonants and vowels you want and choose their arrangement pattern before clicking Generate.  If that’s still not enough, select the More Options button, choose from categories of prefixes and suffixes, and let the generator Frankenstein them into often hilarious results.

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