Consumers and investors love a great story. You may be cooking up a new brownie or energy bar or the perfect potato chip, but no matter how you slice it, an interesting startup story can help your company gain traction. Are you making something that’s been passed down for generations in your family? Perhaps you’ve left a 9 to 5 job to follow a dream or invented a new healthy juice due to personal dietary restrictions that might also help others. Is your product sustainable, farm to market or free trade? Any interesting behind-the-scenes story you can tell will create a buzz around your product. In this Starting Out Report for Food & Drink, you’ll get the inside scoop with a directory of venture capital firms with an interest in Food & Drink investing. The directory is a curated list of 70+ firms that have specified and interest in investing in packaged foods, specialty foods, natural organic foods and beverages, Ready-to-Drink (RTD) beverages, spirits, breweries and even pet foods. Most importantly, you receive one or more verified direct contact emails for 95% of the firms included in this report.

With decades of industry experience in competitive intelligence research, branding, marketing and design, Bizologie and well+done DESIGN have teamed up to create a tool kit for entrepreneurs called Starting Out Reports. After decades of advising and consulting start up businesses, we wanted to take our knowledge and share it in a digestible and actionable report for entrepreneurs who are starting out or looking to launch their idea. It’s simple, we want to bring your dreams into a profitable reality. Starting Out Reports are for individuals and/or groups who are planning to launch their business and are looking for tool kit to get started.

You’ll receive a roadmap guiding you all the way from forming a business entity to courting investors. Along the way, we’ll share our intelligence on things like: market size, customers, competitors, brand process, logo development, packaging considerations and how to get your product on the shelf. You’ll gain insight for preparing your pitch to investors and discover types of funding options as well.