Bizologie can help your organization grow smarter by solving your business information questions in a flexible, cost-effective way.

What makes us different?


Research is our superpower. We have the experience, training, and industry-leading resources to deliver authoritative insights.

We match our services to your needs. Through our experience with companies, investment firms, chambers of commerce and a wide range of other clients, we understand that different businesses have different information needs—at every stage of their growth.

Whether you need a full-time outsourced research team or have just a short list of questions to be answered, we can provide all your due diligence and competitive intelligence research at affordable rates.


Authoritative business insights: We know what to ask, where to look and what to do with what we find.

  • All of our researchers hold Masters degrees in Information Science, with years of professional training and experience.
  • We use only the most accurate and reliable materials, including exclusive licensed databases and industry-leading resources well beyond what you’d find on the open Internet.
  • We synthesize and analyze data into actionable insights, delivered as fully customizable reports.

Common questions we answer:

  • What’s the total addressable market for fitness foods?
  • Who is the modern campground customer (demographics/psychogragphics)?
  • Which venture capital firms invest in the cannabis industry?
  • What does the private jet industry look like?
  • How many adtech companies received VC funding last year?
  • What’s the market size for Hadoop?
  • Who are the top competitors in the medical device industry?
  • How can my business find targeted customers?

Bizologie offers a number of service options to meet your unique needs while keeping costs predictable and manageable.

  • Bizologie Projects: Quote-based, single-project agreements — ideal for those who only have research needs a few times per year
  • Bizologie Bundles: 20-, 50-, and 100-hour packages — perfect for phased projects or intermittent research needs
  • Bizologie Unlimited: Annual retainer agreements with unlimited inquiries — the best bang for your research buck

What You Get

  • A team of dedicated, experienced researchers. Our researchers all have masters degrees in Information Studies and years of experience locating hard-to-find data.
  • Data sourced from licensed resources that provide deep insight in the form of investment bank reports, market studies, competitive landscapes, acquisition details and lots of other things you won’t find freely available online.
  • Time Saved. We not only gather but we analyze and synthesize information into a customized report you can share with your team.

Meet the Team

Laura Young,  Partner + Research Analyst:
Laura Young is a seasoned expert in business research and competitive intelligence. Combining seven years leading the research department at Austin Ventures, four years coordinating the reference desk at the University of Texas Perry-Castaneda Library and seven years honing her customer service expertise as a Walt Disney World Guest Services Supervisor, Laura can tackle any research project, in any industry, with grace and speed. She has performed Due Diligence analysis for HomeAway, RetailMeNot, MapMyFitness, Magnablend, Bazaarvoice, Silvercar, Spredfast, Food on the Table, Delta Rigging & Tools, among many others. She is a highly sought-after speaker on emerging research trends and regularly presents for the Texas Library Association, Special Libraries Association, and American Library Association. Laura earned her Master in Information Studies at the University of Texas at Austin. When she's not digging for the next important piece of data, Laura can be found relaxing with her Basset Hound and PBGV rescues, catching up on the latest Netflix series, or culling design ideas from local architectural tours.

April Kessler, Partner + Research Analyst:
April Kessler resolves complex custom research requests for clients, including venture capital firms, advertising agencies, law firms, business incubators, and small businesses. April teaches the Competitive Intelligence course at the University of Texas School of Information. Prior to joining Bizologie, April was a research analyst for Austin Ventures and served ten years as the Business Librarian at the University of Texas Libraries working with the McCombs School of Business (including Texas Venture Labs, MBA teams and Masters of Science in Technology Commercialization). She earned her Master in Information Studies from UT Austin and her MBA from Wichita State University. In addition to her research experience, she also has nearly ten years of experience in marketing and public relations. April is past-president for the Texas Chapter of the Special Libraries Association, past-chair of the Texas Library Association Special Libraries Division, and served on the Executive Board of the Texas Library Association from 2011-2014. April enjoys checking out Austin's vibrant restaurant scene, frequenting the Sundance Film Festival, and tossing the ball for her Pointer mix rescue pup.


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Consumers and investors love a great story. You may be cooking up a new brownie or energy bar or the perfect potato chip, but no matter how you slice it, an interesting startup story can help your company gain traction. Are you making something that’s been passed down for generations in your family? Perhaps you’ve left a 9 to 5 job to follow a dream or invented a new healthy juice due to personal dietary restrictions that might also help others. Is your product sustainable, farm to market or free trade? Any interesting behind-the-scenes story you can tell will create a buzz around your product. In this Starting Out Report for Food & Drink, you’ll get the inside scoop with a directory of venture capital firms with an interest in Food & Drink investing. The directory is a curated list of 70+ firms that have specified and interest in investing in packaged foods, specialty foods, natural organic foods and beverages, Ready-to-Drink (RTD) beverages, spirits, breweries and even pet foods. Most importantly, you receive one or more verified direct contact emails for 95% of the firms included in this report.

With decades of industry experience in competitive intelligence research, branding, marketing and design, Bizologie and well+done DESIGN have teamed up to create a tool kit for entrepreneurs called Starting Out Reports. After decades of advising and consulting start up businesses, we wanted to take our knowledge and share it in a digestible and actionable report for entrepreneurs who are starting out or looking to launch their idea. It’s simple, we want to bring your dreams into a profitable reality. Starting Out Reports are for individuals and/or groups who are planning to launch their business and are looking for tool kit to get started.

You’ll receive a roadmap guiding you all the way from forming a business entity to courting investors. Along the way, we’ll share our intelligence on things like: market size, customers, competitors, brand process, logo development, packaging considerations and how to get your product on the shelf. You’ll gain insight for preparing your pitch to investors and discover types of funding options as well.