Authoritative business insights: We know what to ask, where to look and what to do with what we find.

  • All of our researchers hold a Master in Information Science, with years of professional training and experience.
  • We use only the most accurate and reliable materials, including exclusive licensed databases and industry-leading resources well beyond what you’d find on the open Internet.
  • We synthesize and analyze data into actionable insights, delivered as fully customizable reports.

Common questions we answer:

  • What’s the total addressable market for fitness foods?
  • Who is the modern campground customer (demographics/psychogragphics)?
  • Which venture capital firms invest in the cannabis industry?
  • What does the private jet industry look like?
  • How many adtech companies received VC funding last year?
  • What’s the market size for Hadoop?
  • Who are the top competitors in the medical device industry?
  • How can my business find targeted customers?

Bizologie offers a number of service options to meet your unique needs while keeping costs predictable and manageable.

  • Bizologie Projects: Quote-based, single-project agreements — ideal for those who only have research needs a few times per year
  • Bizologie Bundles: 20-, 50-, and 100-hour packages — perfect for phased projects or intermittent research needs
  • Bizologie Unlimited: Annual retainer agreements with unlimited inquiries — the best bang for your research buck

What You Get

  • A team of dedicated, experienced researchers. Our researchers all have a Master in Information Studies and years of experience locating hard-to-find data.
  • Data sourced from licensed resources that provide deep insight in the form of investment bank reports, market studies, competitive landscapes, acquisition details and lots of other things you won’t find freely available online.
  • Time Saved. We not only gather but we analyze and synthesize information into a customized report you can share with your team.