Aflac Workforce Study


Aflac, the company that provides supplemental insurance and is best known for their silly commercials, published their 2011 Workforce Study last summer. The study examines employees' satisfaction, impressions of benefits, and beliefs about voluntary benefits. Plus, they provide information on company benefits by size of company and by industry for education, government, health care, and retail. One interesting tidbit is that 41% of those surveyed said a well-com46% of employees say HR communicates too little about benefitsmunicated benefits program would make them less likely to change jobs. And, 46% percent said their HR departments communicate too little about employee benefits. The latest white paper from Aflac the"New Normal" report addresses this issue about using benefits to keep employees satisfied and on the job, and provides insights into the latest employee benefit trends and highlights challenges businesses are facing in this new economic landscape.

We here at bizologie always tout associations for sources of information, but also check out company sites for industry statistics and any studies they may publish for public consumption. Yes, it may have some bias, but it also provides some excellent free market research!