Bizologie, LLC to provide research services for investment firms and start-ups


For Immediate Release: AUSTIN, Texas, June 2, 2014 – Bizologie, an independent research consultancy serving venture capital firms, private equity firms, start-ups and established companies, announced its formation today.

Founded by longtime Austin Ventures research analysts Laura Young and Michael Hill, Bizologie is the product of more than 20 years of combined business research, competitive intelligence and due diligence experience. A combination of deep industry knowledge and diverse backgrounds allows Bizologie to offer clients customized contract research services on everything from venture capital to social media to logistics to private equity to ecommerce to food & beverage to software-as-a-service and more.

While typical projects include market landscapes, industry contact lists, company and executive backgrounds, industry overviews and competitive intelligence data, Bizologie offers any number of other products and services and features a flexible pricing model that allows clients to contract with them on an annual basis or seek assistance with one-off projects. Bizologie’s current client roster includes Austin Ventures.

For more information, contact:

Laura Young ( or Michael Hill (