Casual Friday: A Celebration of "Fridays"


Since this isn't just any ordinary Friday, but the sacred Friday before a holiday Friday, we thought we'd celebrate Fridays. If you'd like to take a sip of your adult beverage of choice every time we say "Friday", that might be fun. According to the Interwebs, Casual Friday has been around since 1965 as "Aloha Friday", when employers in Hawaii would allow their employees to wear "Aloha Shirts" on the last business day of the week a few months out of the year. Word spread to California and eventually it became known as "Casual Friday".

The only thing we love more than Friday is pop culture. And pop culture, as you know, loves Friday. Friday Night Lights. SNL wannabe Fridays. The Cure's Friday I'm in Love. His Girl Friday. Below you'll find some of our favorite video clips about Friday.