Casual Friday: Cell Phone Cases We Think Are Fun (And One That Might Be Healthy)

Kate Spade Giraffe Phone

The only thing more fun than finding new apps for your smartphone is buying clothes for it. Here are some cases we think are stylish, functional and one that might even be good for you. Like Kate Spade's cute handbags and dresses, her phone cases are cute and come in all sorts of fun colors that we think are great for summer. We really like the retro phone and the movie-themed ones:

If you're looking for durability and protection, you might want to check out Otterbox's Defender Series:

If you're planning to spend some time by the pool this summer, you might want to check out DryCASE for your phone or tablet. They keep your electronic devices waterproof up to 100 ft. We actually tested this one this past weekend by throwing our Nook into the pool in the DryCASE. Worked like a charm--thank goodness!

The Bounce Case from Case Mate & Pong, "reduces normal cellphone radiation measured in SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) by at least 60% by redirecting your cell phone’s electromagnetic energy away from your head. Once redirected, the radiation quickly dissipates and poses no threat to you or those around you.":