Casual Friday: Favorite Sites for Home Design & Decor


We bizologie girls are home design junkies. We love house tours, HGTV, furniture shopping, and open houses. With a little help from our friends, we've painted our houses inside and out, backsplashed our kitchens, updated our landscaping, obsessed over any number of furniture choices and even remodeled our bathrooms. Here are a few sites we love for home design inspiration:

  • Apartment Therapy--"Saving the world, one room at a time", Apartment Therapy is one of our favorites. They focus on apartments and small houses so most of their ideas seem affordable/attainable and they always have great ideas for storage. We love that the AT community is as passionate about design as we are, making the comments sections sometimes just as helpful and interesting as the posts themselves. You don't see that every day!
  • retro renovation--Created by Pam Kueber, who remodeled her 1950s house, retro renovation is your "daily dose of mid century renovation resources… design inspiration… fun finds… and a growing community of people all interested in cherishing their postwar 40s, 50s 60s and 70s homes."  We love Pam's passion for maintaining the integrity of older homes.
  • Pinterest (Home Decor Page)--You can't beat Pinterest for great ideas and their Home Decor section provides endless hours of decorating yumminess.
  • Overstock--Love Eames chairs, but on a librarian budget? We know the feeling. Head over to Overstock, type in "plastic chairs" and presto! Fantastic Eames knock-offs for a fraction of the price. Emeco "Navy Chair" at $450 a pop too much? Overstock to the rescue again. Simply type in "metal chairs" and you get two chairs for $135 that are perfect replicas of the "Navy Chair". We love Overstock for keeping us in the lap of luxury on a shoestring.
  • Ikea Hackers--We all know shopping Ikea is one of the most affordable ways to furnish your house. But to keep your living room from looking just like your neighbors', check out Ikea Hackers who share ways to repurpose and personalize all sorts of different Ikea products.
  • Catalog Living--Now that you've got your house looking like the pages of a catalog, it's time to laugh about it. Catalog Living offers a "glimpse into the exciting world of the people living in your catalogs".  Not only is it fun to keep up with the antics of Gary & Elaine, it's a great place for ideas and every entry is sourced in case you want to buy the products that will  make Gary & Elaine green with envy.