At bizologie we’re actually big animal lovers, so please don’t take this post’s image too literally. is not the oceanic equivalent of bug spray but rather, according to its parent company FactSet, a “corporate governance database,” which, “provides takeover defense and corporate governance data for more than 5,600 U.S. incorporated public companies.” To use’s services to the fullest extent, a company would need to purchase an account.  Luckily for us intellectual freeloaders though, they provide near the top of their homepage a nondescript link to their reports archive that dates back 10 years.  It’s full of short yet detailed- including spreadsheets and graphs- reports concerning all things poison pills, proxy fights, activist tactics, and hostile M&A’s.  For those who find corporate dramas riveting reading, or those with the potential to have a Conglomo breathe down their neck, it’s definitely worth dipping a metaphorical toe in the water and visiting the archive.