Doodling: Your Newest Crush Crutch


Remember how several years ago you thought, “Huh?” the first time your friends told you to start Googling for everything, and shortly thereafter you never remembered how you survived without it?  Well if you’re not Doodling yet, you’re missing out.

Most of us have chaotic and packed schedules, so the resourceful people behind Doodle decided to create a digital lasso of sorts for herding us cats.  You can register for a free account (but you don’t have to!).  Just use their software to create a poll of time blocks in the increment(s) of your choice, send the generated poll URL to your selected contacts, receive email updates as they mark their free/booked times, book your own availability as necessary, view the results, and voila!  You now know when everyone can get together.

One caveat:  If all of your colleagues become Doodle addicts too, then you run the risk of inadvertently overbooking yourself by answering that yes, your Tuesday afternoon is free, on multiple polls.  To mitigate this in the future, I sincerely hope Doodle figures out how to code extra time into my 24-hour day.  When they do that, I will most assuredly buy a subscription to their premium service.