Follow That Dollar!


I'll file this post under "Am I The Last To Know About This?".  Today I got a dollar stamped with "Track me at". How could I resist? I went to the site and was greeted with a button saying "I found a WheresGeorge bill, and I want to see where it has been". So I typed in the serial number and found out that my bill  "has travelled 688 Miles in 177 Days, 1 Hr, 1 Min at an average of 3.9 Miles per day.  It is now 688 Miles from its starting location. "  It even came with a handy Google Map showing me its route. You can even set up an alert to keep track of where your bill goes after you spend it. Fun! According to their homepage, WheresGeorge is currently tracking 212,927,508 bills for a total of $1,145,953,996. They've also got a great page of links for interesting money facts as well as links to sites tracking bills in other countries, including the United Kingdom (, India ( and Germany (Wo ist Mein Geld (Where's My Money?) among others.