Google just got more Delicious


With the news that Yahoo is going to sunset Delicious, it was just a matter of time before Google jumped in to save the day. Google's own Bookmark feature, launched back in 2005, never got the traction that Delicious did. Now is their chance to change all that. Google is offering a Delicious import feature. And of course Google makes it easy to do: Open Google Bookmark, find the Import Delicious link at the top. You'll sign into your Delicious account, and import the bookmarks. The Google Bookmarks are private, but there is a List feature you can use to make your bookmarks public. You create a list and make that public, then you can move your bookmarks over to the public list. Voila, bookmarks saved and crisis averted! Google Bookmark Importer

Google Bookmarks also has an "Add to List" bookmarklet" so it's just as easy to add pages to your Google Bookmarks List as it was to Delicious.