Happy Pie Day! Er, Pi Day?

Apple Pie

Since my geometry days are a few years behind me, I thought we'd celebrate Pie Day instead by taking a look at the business of pie. While other industries struggle during a recession, the pie industry is, according to Mark Grandanetti, president of Rocky Mountain Pies, recession-proof. According to Baking Management, the sales of fresh baked pies topped $222 million for the 52 weeks ending January 24, 2010.  That's about 6.7% higher than the previous year's sales. So while Americans may be dining in more often, they still like to splurge and enjoy dessert at home. Pie sales in all categories including fresh, refrigerated and frozen all increased over the previous year. And what's our favorite flavor of pie? Apple is in the lead with 47% of those surveyed saying they prefer it best: