"One Card to Rule Them All"


I am not one of those people that uses different credit based on the rewards I get. I have picked one credit card and use if for just about everything. The problem with my plan is that I'm losing out on all those points and cash back offers from credit card companies. Who knows how many vacations I could have had covered by now! Wallaby Financial to the rescue. "Wallaby keeps track of all of the different rewards offers for each of the credit cards you own, including limited-time and one-time discounts... Wallaby automatically picks the right card for you–every time you swipe." So many credit card companies now offer special monthly deals, this month it is on gas and next month you get extra points for restaurants. I would never keep up with this. With Wallaby I don't have to, I just use their card and let them select the best card for the purchase so that I can maximize my points and cash back. Wallaby calls itself "one card to rule them all." Pretty good idea and since they are all about points, I will give them extra points for the geek reference.

How much will will this convenience cost? The rate is $50 per year, and they are offering six months free right now. They are still in beta and they aren't working with private label cards yet, but it sounds like that might be coming soon. Since this isn't a credit card, there is no credit check and you still pay all the bills separately. Now, if they could simplify that last piece it would be even better! I'm going to test it out and see if I can earn enough point for my next flight!