Professional Associations Spotlight: Grocery Manufacturers Association

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In our continuing efforts to provide our readers with free business resources, this week we came across the Grocery Manufacturers Association. The GMA "is the voice of more than 300 leading food, beverage and consumer product companies." Their members include several well-known food and beverage companies like Coca-Cola, Conagra, Del Monte and Hormel. But also other members from other industries like logistics, research firms, retail stores and restaurants. You can see a complete list of their members here. GMA has several freely available research reports covering topics like Shopper Marketing, Logistics and Consumer Product Fraud. There's also a recent report entitled "Economic Impact of the U.S. Grocery Manufacturing Industry".  This is a really great report that covers the economic impact down to specific industries like Grains, Sugars, Fruits & Vegetables, Dairy, etc. It also provides labor statistics like average incomes and "Value Added per Worker".