QR Codes–Are people using them? Do I need one?

bizologie QR Code

QR codes (quick response codes) are everywhere these days--on products, on real estate listings, even on buildings. But how effective are they? Are people using them? It turns out, we dig QR codes. According to Mobio Identity Systems, QR scanning growth exceeded 1200% in the last half of 2010. Women make up the majority of scanners with 64% and while we mostly scan things to gain more information about a product or service, payment scans accounted for 5% of all scans. Starbucks uses QR codes for their mobile payment app. I'm patiently awaiting the day when I can pay everywhere with my phone. According to JumpScan, 57% of Facebook and Twitter users say they've scanned a QR code at least once and  iPhone users represent the bulk of scanners with 68%. MGH recently published a QR usage and interest survey. You can read the full survey here, but here's a breakdown of their usage statistics for QR codes:

So if you want to join the cool kids and make your own QR codes, check out Kaywa or JumpScan. And if you need a QR reader for your phone, there are several available. QR codes might even help your library run more smoothly. The Orange County Library System in Orlando is using them to offer discounts at the Friends' bookstore and to offer patron access to a map of the library. Pretty Cool.

Are you using QR codes for something cool? Let us know about it in the comments. Happy Scanning!