Smartphones and Retail Shopping


A new study by Chadwick Martin Bailey and iModerate Research Technologies shows that smartphone owners use their phones while shopping to compare prices, find other store locations and check for discounts. The study of over 1,400 consumers shows over half of consumers are using their smartphones to enhance their shopping experience. According to their research both genders equally use smartphones while shopping, but women look more for discounts while men look more for reviews. About 2/3 of smartphone owners under 35 use the phone while shopping, but only 1/3 of owners over 50 do. Surprisingly, not that many people are making purchases with their smartphone yet - only about 25%. And, the most common purchase transaction made via the phone is for entertainment (music, movies, TV) - followed by banking. You can download a free copy of the report by providing some basic contact information.

Use of Smart phones while shopping