Stay Ahead With The Business of Fashion


Spiffed, dolled, gussied, or buttoned up, call it what you will.  The bizologie women have a severe weakness for clothing; it’s one of our beloved topics.  Today we’re paying homage to the Business of Fashion website, which is positively bursting at the seams with industry news, insight, and trend forecasting.  Founded in 2007 by Mr. Imran Armed, the website has built itself up to the point where it now deserves (and rightly so, in my opinion) being billed per Macleans Magazine, as “the Economist of fashion.” If you want articles particularly with a business research slant, look in the Archive (’07-present) where you will find several relevant categories to choose from, namely Global Briefing, Insight & Analysis, Intelligence, and Market Pulse.  From those categories you’ll find fabulously analytical articles like, “The Rise of New Business Models” or, “Online Fashion Retailers Tap Offline Opportunities,”  or, “Could Africa be the Next Frontier for Fashion Retail?

No go throw on some shiny shoes and have a great weekend!