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Form D Free For All

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Do business research for any length of time and you'll likely be called upon to locate Form Ds. And as we bizologists like to say, why not find them for free? First of all, what is a Form D? Our friends at Investopedia define it as "a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) required for companies that are selling securities in reliance on a Regulation D exemption or Section 4(6) exemption provisions." But for our purposes, let's use a simpler definition. Start-up companies file Form Ds when they raise money. And while there are a couple of paid subscription databases you can use to track down Form Ds, you can also find them on FormDs.com.

FormDs.com, founded by  former private equity firm investor Robert Hunt, offers a couple of paid services like monitoring or custom projects, but you can also get quite a bit of great information for free.

My favorite feature is their "Local FormDs" showing investments in a particular city. I simply click on my city of choice and I see a list of recently funded companies in my area which shows me the date and the amount of funding. Even better, once I click on a particular company, I can see their address, company directors and executives, a link to the actual Form D and, better still, a link to other companies in the same industry.

Speaking of industries, I can also filter by industry, location, amount and dates. And then display these results as a list or as a map. Below you'll see I've created a filter showing all the biotechnology companies recently funded in Texas.

FormDs.com definitely earns a spot on our Favorite Resources page.

International Private Company Data


bizologie has covered how to research US private companies recently, but we know financials are almost impossible to find since US private companies are not required to report their financials with the SEC. Other countries have different requirements for private companies. And, many require full financial info be released. This is great news for business research. Thanks to FreePint and researcher Heidi Longaberger you can easily see what kind of private information is available for private firms in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, and the United Kingdom. The FreePint article Private company information outside the US: Western Europe, UK and Ireland has an easy to use chart detailing what private company information is available and links to where the information is provided! Most of the websites are available in English, and best of all most of the data is free or available for a small fee.

Find links to these international private company sources on the new bizologie Favorite Resources page.