bizologie favorite Apps: STFU


Having been in a meeting today where yet another phone rang, I was very happy to see this app for the Android. STFU  - that is Shut the Phone Up - makes it easy to silence that cell phone. Just turn your phone upside down and it is immediately set for either silent or vibrate (your choice). STFU is just 99¢ and worth every penny. You pay a little more for the cute name. RD Mute is a similar tool available for free. Now I've taken care of my phone, what about the guy next to me?

Casual Friday: Amazon Appstore for Android


The Amazon Appstore for Android opened this week . The new store allows Android users to view apps online before they buy online and it offers Amazon's recommender service. But the really exciting news is that you can get Angry Birds Rio free for a limited time and they offer paid app for free app each day. If you spending some time today perusing the site, do be careful. TechCrunch is reporting just how easy Amazon makes it to buy these apps. If you have one-click set up in Amazon it's automatic for Appstore for Android and one-click in the wrong place could get you an app that you didn't want and you only have 15 minutes to get a refund. Let us know if you find a new favorite Android app and we'll feature it next week.