OESA: Auto Supplier Barometer


The Original Equipment Suppliers Association's (OESA) Automotive Supplier Barometer takes the pulse of the auto suppliers' twelve month business sentiment. The bi-monthly survey of the top executives of OESA regular member companies provides a snapshot of the industry commercial issues, business environment and business strategies that influence the supplier industry. What is the overall sentiment of the suppliers? Are they positive or negative about the future? What materials do they think they will have problems getting? Do you they think they'll be able to get capital? These are some of the questions asked in the survey. The Automotive Supplier Barometer is distributed to vehicle manufacturers, financial institutions, governmental officials and the media to provide an on-going profile of the supplier industry. More Questions answer by the barometer:

  • Identify your top three materials, commodities and/or services that have availability risk in in the next year.
  • List the top 3 customers (in order) where your company is focusing personnel and financial resources.
  • What are the top three actions your company is budgeting for to meet expected volume in the next year increases?
  • On a per unit basis, indicate your expected yearly percent increase or decrease in your direct material costs for the following?
  • Provide your anticipated North American light duty vehicle production planning volume (in millions of units).

Supplier Sentiment Index