GuideStar - Nonprofit Information


Looking for the goods on nonprofit organizations? GuideStar is a directory with information on the programs and finances of more than 1.8 million IRS-recognized nonprofits. The directory is free, and if you register (still free) you are entitled to more data. The databases helps users decide which organizations to donate to, which nonprofits to provide grant funding to, and who to volunteer with, plus it helps non-profits learn how to increase funding.  Researchers can evaluate charities' performance overtime and compare multiple organizations at the same time.

With your free registration you gain access to the nonprofit tax forms - Form 990s. With the 990s you can see how an organization is funding and how they are spending those dollars:

Reference USA


Reference USA is my go-to source when I'm trying to create a list of companies. This database is a subscription database, so check with your local library to see if you have online access with your library card. The Reference USA US Businesses module contains basic directory type information for more than 14 million public and private businesses in all zip code areas of the United States. Information includes name of business, address, telephone number, headquarters, branch and subsidiaries identification, SIC codes, yellow pages headings, ticker symbol, credit rating, number of employees, and estimated sales volume. You can use Reference USA for your job search, market sizing, and to profile cities or neighborhoods for business development. Other modules in Reference USA include Residential listings and New Businesses.

Check out this video tutorial to see how Reference USA works: