Well, HelloFax


Everyone has the same problem with signing and sending electronic documents, you have to print the document, sign the document, scan the document and email it or find the fax machine (mine is in the basement of the office building). Ugh, I'm tired just thinking about it. So many wasted steps and so much wasted time. HelloFax is a new way to sign and email or fax documents. You can pick your own fax number and send and receive faxes from your computer. There are 3 levels of monthly plans if you will be doing a lot of faxing this is way to go. If you don't fax very often, go with the free plan and send up to 5 pages free (if you need to send more you can pay just 99¢ per additional page. Plus, all the plans include unlimited free document signing. You can use your mouse to create your signature (although that didn't work all that well for me) or you can take a picture with your smartphone and send it to them. I love the flexibility this gives me, and if I go with a monthly plan there is no long term commitment. Definitely going to try it out.