Salary Negotiation: Yes You Can!


Mike Millard presented Salary Negotiation: Yes You Can! at the Texas Library Association 2012 conference. Mike energized the room and encouraged librarians to value their unique skill set. We have a Master's degree. Why do we undervalue our worth by not negotiating salary? Sometimes salary is non-negotiable, but after the offer you can and should begin a discussion with the hiring manager about the salary range and what the your skills and experience bring to the table.

Mike joined Austin Ventures in 2008 as Director of Research. He is responsible for securing and validating timely data to assist in the overall due diligence decision process for potential investments or acquisitions. This includes understanding management, companies and markets as well the technical, legal and financial aspects of potential business opportunities. Previously, Mike commercialized technology for AT&T Knowledge Ventures in Austin Texas. Prior to this, he worked in strategy roles at both HP and Dell, Inc.

Mike received his MBA from Western Illinois University and his BS from Illinois State University. He currently serves on the Board of Director's for Marywood Children and Family Services.

2011 IT Skills and Salary Report


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