Free Webinar: Beyond Newsletters


Beyond Newsletters: Better Ways to Inform Your Users Tuesday,  January 24, 2011, 9 am CST - No Charge! - Register

Whether you use newsletters in your marketing mix today or are considering them for tomorrow, there are innovative new ways to simplify the internal newsletter creation process. Also, there are a few newsletter alternatives that you may want to consider when deciding how best to accomplish the goal of keeping users informed. In this webinar, you'll learn some tips and tricks you can apply today to give your newsletters the lift they are looking for.

Webinar hosted by FreePint - Family of sites and publications reaching over 100,000 information workers monthly

Free Webinar for Info Pros and IT


Evaluating Information Industry Services & Vendors: Best practices for info pros and IT staff Wednesday, October 26, 2011 9:30 AM - 10:45 AM EDT - No charge for the Webinar - Register

The information industry is again changing rapidly. First-time and replacement solutions offer many benefits, but moving forward involves a certain leap of faith. Before working with a new vendor or implementing a new product for you and your own customers, you cannot truly know how things will unfold. Yet without taking these risks and re-evaluating, progress stagnates.

Avoid common pitfalls and take some of the risk out of new solutions and relationships. Learn from experienced peers about engagement approaches, key questions, validation, and contract clauses to insist upon when you expand your portfolio of solutions and suppliers.

Panelists include:

  • Armand Brevig, Global Director of Sales, Reprints Desk
  • Perrin Kerravala, product reviewer for VIP and information manager with Export Development Canada
  • Tim Buckley Owen, senior news editor for VIP and information industry journalist and trainer with 25+ years experience

Webinar hosted by FreePint - Family of sites and publications reaching over 100,000 information workers monthly

Private Cloud


Gartner knows that most large enterprises see private clouds in their future. They see companies trying to determine whether to invest in building a cloud service or buying from cloud service providers. To make the best decision, companies need to be able to evaluate the private cloud computing trend, vendors and road maps. For more information on private cloud, create a free account with Gartner and then watch this webinar to learn:

  • What private cloud computing is and how will it evolve?
  • How to choose between public and private cloud computing?
  • Who are the vendors?
  • How should a private cloud computing strategy be developed?

This short video from David Mitchell Smith, Gartner VP provides a short intro to Private Cloud: