Trendwatching's "Trend Briefing"

pepsi_social-vendingmachine_final just released their "Trend Briefing" for July 2011. Lots of cool stuff on the list this year. Some of our favorites:

  • The Happy Apps--"a downloadable set of tools that allow you to experience mood-enhancing treatments through your iPhone or iPad. Included in the package are The Light Therapy Box, The Color Therapist, The Happy Sleep Toolbox, and the Help Yourself Happiness Guide"
  • RememberMe is a collaborative project between TOTeM (Tales of Things and Electronic Memory) and Oxfam, that infuses personal history into donated items by enabling people to attach stories using RFID tags.
  • Men are Useless sends essential grooming products to customers every month in the UK, while new-on-the-scene GlossyBox allows beauty-conscious women to sample luxury product miniatures.
  • PepsiCo has just introduced a ‘Social Vending Machine’; it gives consumers the option of gifting a drink to a friend, which they can redeem at participating machines with an SMS code.