Want Your Team To Win Super Bowl 50? Two Words: Chicken Wings

While making your bets for this Sunday’s Big Game, you might be tempted to rely on statistics from folks like Nate Silver at FiveThirtyEight. Or if you like your stats to be delicious, you could take some advice from The National Chicken Council who reports “during the 2016 NFL playoffs, in cities where chicken wings sold higher than their opponent, the city with higher wing sales won 7 of the 10 playoff games, and 4 of the 5 past Super Bowl games.  If the same holds true for Super Bowl 50, the Panthers will roll over the Broncos – selling wings at nearly a 3 to 1 pace.”

Uh-oh, Denver. You’ve only got a couple of days to start knocking back more chicken wings. The good news is that over 300 wing restaurants opened in 2015, so you’ll have no problem playing catch-up. When in Denver, Bizologie recommends The Cherry Cricket for fantastic wings. They also have great burgers (for more burger business check out our report on Better Burgers) if you’re not superstitious about your football.

Since it’s clear that chicken wings and gaming go together, UBS reports that Buffalo Wild Wings is “testing a Massive Gaming Theater which fits up to 30 people that stand together and play a family friendly game all at once. Games last 7-10 mins and cost $2-5. Currently three locations are testing the platform.”

So no matter how you slice it, wings are about fun and games. Happy Super Bowl Weekend--Go [Insert Your Favorite Team Here]!