We Owe Forbes a Cocktail


Business researchers are asked all the time to provide financial data on private companies, and as you can see here and here, we love any resource that helps us pin down those numbers.   Today we’re looking at one more resource from none other than Forbes, the reporting powerhouse that puts forth juicy lists on all sorts of stuff including rich people, good colleges, and small companies. The good people at Forbes have, for the past several years, been making a list of America’s Largest Private Companies, and even better, they’ve freely posted it online for our benefit.  Here's the complete 2011 list.  Besides an estimated revenue, (for which Forbes details their methodology) this ranking also includes industry and employee count criteria, both of which are sort-able features.  Below is an excerpt from the list- the top chemical companies.

Thanks, Forbes!  You kick @$$, and we at bizologie love you dearly for it.