What If It Were My Home?


Ever wonder what your life would be like if you lived in France? Or Japan? Or Senegal? Then it's time to check out IfItWereMyHome.com.  Using data from sources like the CIA World Factbook and the World Health Organization, IfItWereMyHome shows you how living in the US compares with other countries. From the home page, I simply click on the country I want to compare and I can find out things like:

  • If I lived in Australia, I'd live 3.48 years longer and spend 53.58% less on healthcare.
  • If I lived in Portugal, I'd use 63.6% less electricity and make 53.02% less money.
  • If I lived in Brazil, I'd make 78.02% less money and die 5.98 years sooner.

You can compare any two countries and find out all sorts of information on healthcare, employment, life expectancy, energy usage, class divide and family size. Each comparison also shows a map overlay so that you can see how much bigger or smaller that country is than your own.

Now when you're wondering if you should retire to someplace warmer, you can make sure that you're living longer and spending less on electricity when you get there!