Ryft Brings on Bizologie for Big Data and Internet of Things Analysis in Prep for Funding

As the performance leader in data-intensive computing with a lean marketing team, Ryft found itself focusing on driving revenue and brand reputation, all while raising another round of funding to fuel growth.

With industry heavyweights in retail, finance, defense, and health care all trusting Ryft to power a range of real-time intelligence applications, the team needed access to a complex and expansive look at Big Data and Internet of Things (IoT) landscapes to identify the total addressable market for future growth. Because Bizologie has a track record of mining hard-to-find data and producing high-caliber research for VCs, Ryft knew it had identified the right group for the project.

“We needed deep and broad research into an emerging market that leading analysts weren't yet forecasting,” said Pamela O’Neal, Ryft CMO. “By having Bizologie quickly tap into its resources, I didn't have to spend money on a variety of research reports from various sources. In just over a week, Bizologie compiled all the research we needed giving me the ability quickly deliver a very successful investor pitch deck.”

Previous to Ryft’s relationship with Bizologie, the company had subscriptions to some of the top analyst firms in the technology industry. However, the company found that these reports offered little insight into the very new IoT space.

“The speed by which Bizologie delivered the research we needed was the biggest advantage, and the cost savings associated with our collaboration was also huge,” said Pamela. “We also didn’t have to purchase additional reports that can cost as much as $3,000 a piece.”  

With more than a decade of experience delivering incredibly fast data analysis solutions to government intelligence agencies, Ryft found that employing a 3rd party research firm to compile and source reputable research added further credibility to its total addressable market research.

“The bottom line is that working with Bizologie is a no-brainer from a cost-benefit, time-to-value perspective,” said Pamela. “They were very fast, affordable and provided research that was both credible and professional.”