bizologie Favorite Apps: Momento

momento app pic 3

March 24, 2011. Dear Diary, we've got a new favorite app. Actually, the diary app Momento is one of our new favorite apps. Momento starts out just like you'd use an old fashioned diary: log the date and start writing about that cute boy in math class. But the great part is that Momento lets you import feeds from all of your social networking sites and then organizes them by date. You simply add your Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Instagram, Foursquare and Gowalla accounts and suddenly you've got an automatic record of each day and you didn't have to write a thing. From there you can search by dates or tags or events and reminisce about special dates in your life. You might see that on February 27th you checked in on Gowalla at the coffee shop, uploaded a picture of your BFF to Flickr and attended a fabulous Oscar Party. Momento also allows you to lockdown the app so that you don't catch your little brother snooping through your diary. Momento is available on iTunes for $2.99 and the company is considering expanding to Android.  XOXO, bizologie.