Cloaking: Science Fiction Becomes Reality


If you are a regular on bizologie, you already know of our love for Star Trek (see Starfleet Librarian costume), so when we heard about what was happening in our own backyard at the UT Texas Advanced Computing Center we were totally stoked! "Invisibility cloaking no longer seems to be relegated to the realm of science fiction. It's happening right now in a basement laboratory at The University of Texas at Austin. There are currently several different techniques to cloak the visibility of an object, but this video explores one of the most unique and innovative methods to date.

"Dr. Andrea Alù, an assistant professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering in the Cockrell School at The University of Texas at Austin, takes us into his lab and explains plasmonic cloaking, the method he and his group have used to successfully mask the visibility of an object to the microwave spectrum."

Be sure to check out the cool Infographic introducing cloaking.