Corporate Use of Social Media

coke twitter feed

Recently we talked about how SMBs are using social media and today we're going to take a look at how some of the larger corporations put social media to work for them.  Burson-Marsteller has a great report out entitled "The Global Social Media Check-up 2011".  It's a great report and gives us insight into how some of  the Fortune 100 companies use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs, etc.  Over the past year, they report "an 18% increase in FortuneGlobal 100 companies using Twitter, followed by a 14% growth in YouTube channels and a 13% growth in companies using Facebook pages."  And typically corporations have more than one account: On average they have 5.8 Twitter accounts, 4.2 Facebook accounts, 2.7 YouTube channels and 6.8 blogs. IBM alone has 76 Twitter accounts! That's a lot of communication, but who's listening? Corporate accounts average about 5,076 followers on Twitter and 87,979  "likes" on Facebook. According to eMarketer, most people follow a brand "to get updates on future products":

Fans and followers can get anything from customer service to a new job. TiVo is among the many companies who post jobs on their Facebook page:

And Glaceau's smartwater is hoping their new YouTube video will go viral: