Hidden Treasures of Yahoo Finance

Yahoo Finance

It's rare that I refer anyone to Yahoo over Google, but Yahoo Finance really has it going on. Two things I think are really great are their IPO Calendar and their Analyst Performance Center. On their IPO Calendar I can see who has recent filings and withdrawals as well as initial pricing and expected IPO dates. They've also got post-IPO performance over the last 3 months, 6 months and 1 year broken down by the best and the worst performers. You can research IPOs by company or industry and get the latest IPO news. Pretty handy stuff and it's all available for free.

I also really like their Analyst Performance Center. Here I can find a list of analysts from all the big investment banks. Their lists are searchable by analyst name, investment firm, industry and company stock. Knowing what analysts cover a certain industry can be really helpful in your research. For instance, I can go to Yahoo's page for Goldman Sachs and see which analyst covers the Hotel & Leisure industry and they'll show me what stocks he/she covers and in some cases even ratings for the analyst based on the accuracy of their earnings estimates or returns of their stock recommendations.