Looking for a new job? Maybe it's time to BranchOut


You've probably got a LinkedIn page for connecting with your professional contacts, but what about tapping your friend network when you're in the market for a new job? BranchOut is a new service that turns your Facebook page into a professional networking page by carving out only your professional information to make a business profile via Facebook that only includes information about where you and your friends (and their friends) work and leaves out non-job-obtaining information like the fact that you totally heart Twilight and that you've recently found a cow wandering on your farm. It will also automatically import your resume information from LinkedIn. Once it's set up, you can see how many degrees you are from the place you want to work by checking out not only where your friends work, but also where their friends work. I'll admit that at first I wondered why anyone would need this when we've already got LinkedIn but I can see how it would be especially helpful if you've got more contacts on Facebook than LinkedIn assuming you don't necessarily add all your friends to your professional contacts via LinkedIn. The video below is a pretty good explanation of how BranchOut works.