SXSW Interactive - The Virtual Experience

SXSW Interactive

Inc. Magazine has highlighted the must-see tech companies this year at South by Southwest Interactive.So if you are here in Austin be sure to check out their demos. If you can't make it to South By this year be sure to check them out online. Remember to visit one of our favorite resources to get the lowdown on their funding - Crunchbase. Leap Motion: These guys have developed a device that lets you control your computer with hand gestures. Here's the You Tube introduction so you can what the magic looks like

Memoto: A "life-logging" camera that you wear all day to document your life's adventures. This might be pretty cool for my next Cycling for Libraries experience, but most Wednesdays are pretty uneventful.

OUYA: An open source gaming console that will cost just $99 and has free games. It has already earned $8 million on Kickstarter so it seems like an idea people are behind.

EEVZDROP: Inc. calls this social media app "the Instagram for audio". You can use it record and share soundbites. This should be really popular with the SXSW music crowd.

And, speaking of SXSW Music you can catch the big Spotify concert streaming live on March 13. The show features hip-hop from Kendrick Lamar, indie pop from Youngblood Hawke, DJ duo Cazzette, and the house DJ Hesta Prynn.