C200: The Committee of 200


The C200 is an exclusive membership association of 400 of the world’s most successful women entrepreneurs and corporate leaders representing over 100 industries in the US, Europe, Asia, Canada and Latin America. C200 members employ more that 2.5 million people and generate more than $200 billion in annual revenues. C200 co-sponsors one-day Outreach Seminars for women MBA students. Seminars rotate among the nation's top business schools, and at the seminar they award C200 Scholar Awards to enterprising first year women MBAs enrolled at the hosting school. At the Outreach seminar held in Austin with the University of Texas McCombs School of Business the day was about empowerment and success of women. Lynn Utter the President and COO of Knoll North America served as the keynote speaker and kicked off the program by discussing her work and how she took a big risk with the support of her family to make a major move to Knoll to take on more responsibility and lead an entire organization. The program focused on entrepreneurship, leadership,  climbing the corporate ladder, business negotiations, and being a successful women in business. Here are some words of wisdom from the day:

  • There is nothing wrong with being ambitious
  • Get an expert to do what you can't
  • Hire people smarter than you
  • No matter what the offer, negotiate
  • Be passionate about what you do
  • Know more about your company/industry/competitors than anyone else
  • Reward innovation and the money will follow

My favorite quote of the day was from Gay Gaddis President and CEO of T3. Gay's mother used to tell her that "a kick in the pants is step forward."  Thank you ladies for inspiring us all!

Estrogen Based Entrepreneurs


Bizologie is proud to be a new member of Estrogen Based Entrepreneurs. Jill Murphy started the Facebook page after writing a blog post about the challenges of the entrepreneurial/creative life. One of her friends, Sara-Mai Conway, reposted it on her page with a note about how she was going through the same thing as well. At the same time, Jill was launching My Close Strangers and another friend Bess Eckstein was starting At Your Service. Jill thought that Estrogen Based Entrepreneurs would be an excellent way to connect women who were working on new ventures so they could commiserate, share info, support each other. What a great idea and a super way to  meet some awesome entrepreneurs!

Jill is embarking on quite an adventure with her My Close Strangers project. Over the next 18 months, she will be walking, biking, driving, and flying to coffee shops, restaurants, and bars across the country to sit down with as many of her US-based Facebook friends as possible. She is interested in learning "how to be a good neighbor in a world where neighbor is being redefined in real time." We hope to meet Jill on her travels.

My Close Strangers