Valentine’s Day Dollars


Your sweetie might show be showing a little more love this Valentine's day. The National Retail Federation recent survey shows that after a couple of years of declining spending on the most romantic day of the year the love is back. Total spending should be up almost 13% over last year. Spending for the holiday is expected to reach $15.7 billion! With increases in all areas including jewelry, clothing, and dining out. The average per person is a whopping $116. Not surprisingly, the survey shows men spend twice as much as women, and young couples and parents who have to buy for school spend more than those 65+.

Retailers appreciate all the love in the air. “Jewelry, candy and apparel sales should provide a nice boost for retailers during the typically slower months of January and February,” said NRF President and CEO Matthew Shay. The big winners are the discount stores that see 36% of those shopping dollars. Department stores get a 30% share. Specialty stores and online retailers follow with 19% and 18%.

Happy Valentine's Day from bizologie! xoxo