Who's got the high score in game and console sales?


VGChartz is the site for video game industry stats. If you are tracking game console or game software unit sales, these guys have the goods. They provide sales data by the week and year. They even have the historical data back to 2000 (some even farther back, but it gets spotty). Sales figures are broken down by Worldwide, Americas, Japan, and EMEAA (Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia). Kinect Adventures! is the top selling game worldwide this week with 254,169 units sold (152,326 units sold in the Americas). In the 11 weeks on the market they have sold 7,766,015 units total worldwide.

The hardware table in the Data Analysis Tools allows you to create your own data using your specific date range and allows you to narrow down by specific country. With this tool you can find out that the French bought 931,592 Wii consoles in 2010.

Want to find out what new games are the hottest? Check out the America's pre-oder chart to see how many people have pre-ordered the games before they hit the shelves. The Buzz Index measures interest from the worldwide gamers in the VGChartz forums so you get the inside scoop from the user community.