Business Videos- Part One


On a large scale, we have generally mentioned YouTube in scads of posts throughout this blog, and on a small scale we have promoted the UT Business Librarian Channel and its tutorials on finding focused information in specific databases. Today, this post covers some of the metaphorical gooey middle of general business instructional videos that can be found by browsing in YouTube.  How do you find them?

  • Select the Browse button next to the search box.
  • Choose Education from the navigation bar that loads beneath the Browse button.
  • Choose Business from the subsequently loaded Category dropdown menu.
  • Filter by different topics that live under the Business umbrella, including things like Finance, Innovation, and Supply Chain Management.

Whether you’re looking for a refresher on Finance 301 or insights on emergent markets, you’re bound to find a useful video.  After all, staying informed of business principles and abreast of business practices is the best way to ensure a solid foundation for conducting high caliber business research.  Below are a few good videos to consider watching.

Stanford: China New Media & E-Commerce Investment Outlook

University of New South Wales: Online Trading: Creating Efficiency with Double-sided Markets

Duke University: Introduction to Energy Entrepreneurship

Stay tuned!  Next week I’ll profile another excellent compendium of business videos.