Casual Friday: Shoe Shopping


Want to do a little shoe shopping online? Of course there is Zappos and for discount shoes you can check out, but if you are looking for something a little different check out these 2 sites: ShoeDazzle is just the ticket if you are looking to spice up your shoe collection. This is a shoe of the month club and shoes are $40. You answer a short survey with questions about your style, age, who's celebrity closet you'd like to raid, etc. and then a day later ShoeDazzle sends you a personal showroom. The shoes are targeted to your style and picked just for you by celebrity stylists. Kim Kardashian is the co-founder and listed as the Chief Fashion Stylist. I somehow doubt she's in the backroom picking shoes, but there is a long list of stylists. My style was "classic modern" but the first showroom didn't have much I liked, so I had the option of answering a few more questions and getting a new showroom. When you place your first order you become a member. You have the option to opt out each month but you only have  short window of time. Shipping and returns/exchanges are free though. The shoes are inexpensive, fun styles, more appropriate for a night on the town than the office, but it's just the site to get you out of a shoe rut in time for spring. Oh, and did I mention they have handbags and jewelry too?

If your budget is no problem and you are feeling super creative, design your own pair of shoes at Milk & Honey Shoes. The peep toe pumps I designed (see below) were $290 and the flats were $245. Definitely not cheap, but this site would be great for a wedding or special event. Or just have fun and let your inner shoe designer out!