Is Your Business Good Enough?


Does your business need a moral makeover? Or, are you trying to research issues in business ethics?  If so, then the Institute for Global Ethics (IGE) is a great place to start.  For those considering a makeover, the IGE has a branch devoted to corporations called (unsurprisingly) the Center for Corporate Ethics, which offers an array of services including  assessments, training workshops, consulting, and customized codes of ethics.

For those interested in researching ethical situations, (or if you want to see how your business stacks up), then there are two places on the site to visit:

1) The IGE’s Dilemmas page presents real-life scenarios, excluding their resolutions, to initiate pondering and deep water-cooler conversation.

2) We saved the best for last.  The IGE’s Publications page  includes many free in-dept analytical articles, book excerpts, Executive Briefings, and White Papers to help individuals and institutions gain valuable knowledge to augment their moral compass alignment.