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We come across all kinds of job postings through connections or just daily Internet travels and thought we'd share some of the more interesting ones with a new segment called "bizologie Classifieds". Obviously, we have an interest in special librarianship, so we'll be focusing on those types of positions including non-librarian positions in the private sector that we believe an MSIS candidate would meet the qualifications for.  We'd love your participation, so if you know about an interesting job opportunity, please let us know about it via Twitter (@bizologie), on Facebook or you can email us: or Here are a few we think look interesting this week:

Leveraging Your Skills: Rewrite Your Resume & Market Yourself

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Last week at the Annual Conference for the Texas Library Association, we had two Directors of Career Services come and talk about ways job seekers can expand their resumes to appeal to a broader audience of hiring managers in and out of libraries. Karen Landolt, Director of the Career Design Center for the College of Natural Sciences at the University of Texas Austin and Tara Iagulli, Director of the Career Services Office for the School of Information at the University of Texas Austin, discussed everything from building  your personal brand to reworking your resume to interviewing. They have lots of great ideas for getting your resume noticed, including what recruiters look for, as well as interview tips. Below you'll find their presentation and handout.