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We come across all kinds of job postings through connections or just daily Internet travels and thought we'd share some of the more interesting ones with a new segment called "bizologie Classifieds". Obviously, we have an interest in special librarianship, so we'll be focusing on those types of positions including non-librarian positions in the private sector that we believe an MSIS candidate would meet the qualifications for.  We'd love your participation, so if you know about an interesting job opportunity, please let us know about it via Twitter (@bizologie), on Facebook or you can email us: or Here are a few we think look interesting this week:

Leveraging Your Skills: Rewrite Your Resume & Market Yourself

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Last week at the Annual Conference for the Texas Library Association, we had two Directors of Career Services come and talk about ways job seekers can expand their resumes to appeal to a broader audience of hiring managers in and out of libraries. Karen Landolt, Director of the Career Design Center for the College of Natural Sciences at the University of Texas Austin and Tara Iagulli, Director of the Career Services Office for the School of Information at the University of Texas Austin, discussed everything from building  your personal brand to reworking your resume to interviewing. They have lots of great ideas for getting your resume noticed, including what recruiters look for, as well as interview tips. Below you'll find their presentation and handout.

Social Media for Career Advancement


Whether you are looking for a job or just staying connected to your professional community, social media is extremely important to  your image. Social Media is your new online resume. According to Jobvite's Social Recruiting Survey, 89% of US companies will use Social Networking for recruiting. And, 58% of these companies recruit passive candidates, so even if you aren't looking, they are! Will they find you? How can you use social media for your career advancement? First things first, check your online reputation because others are. Google yourself and see if what comes up is appropriate.  Google has tips for you if you find something that needs to be removed. Use to help keep your Facebook page clean and safe. It reads your posts and rates how positive you are plus gives you tips on creating a more secure page.

Of the companies surveyed by Jobvite, 87% use LinkedIn and 2/3 use two or more networks for recruiting.

LinkedIn is really only useful if you build a robust profile and make it public so people can find you. Include detail and be keyword savvy by selecting words that are used in the industry.

  • Photo - add a professional head shot
  • Headline - slogan for your personal brand
  • Summary - highlight your unique skills and specialties
  • Experience - this should read like your resume
  • Groups - be a joiner and contribute questions and answers, create your own group, you can edit the visibility of each group for more privacy
  • Public Profile - claim your public profile URL and make it public then use address on cards, blogs, email sig
  • Make connections - add your business cards, search by company, schools, association, add the app to your phone
  • Ask for Introductions - write it up and then ask your contact to pass it on
  • Ask for recommendations
  • Add your company website, blog and Twitter account

Once you have your LinkedIn info added, you can use to make a visual resume. A cool infographic of your work experience will really grab the hiring manager's attention.

Since recruiters also use Facebook and Twitter you need to make sure you have a professional presence there:

Glassdoor has free salary information by title and company. There are also company reviews. If you sign up and provide your salary information, you get access to all the salaries and reviews. You can also see if your Facebook friends have any company connections.

If you need help reworking or updating your resume, check out these resume guidelines from the Career Design Center of the College of Natural Sciences at the University of Texas at Austin.

Casual Friday: Career Voyeurism

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How about a field trip of sorts?  We have all wondered what it would be like to have a career different from our own, so what follows is a list of confessions, that is,  a list of book titles all starting with Confessions of.  They give us insider perspectives into professions that may be very different from our own, and at the sake of sounding like a salesperson, it’s fascinating to read the life lessons that others have derived from their own unique first-hand experiences. This compilation represents an interesting slice of real no-fiction-here lives, though it is by no means 100% complete.  ISBNs are included should you want to locate a title for yourself.  And now, in no particular order:

•    …A Street Addict- 9780743224888 ("Street" in this case refers to Wall Street.) •    …A Serial Entrepreneur- 9780787987329 •    …A Public Speaker- 9780596801991 •    …A Municipal Bond Salesman- 0471771740 •    …A Radical Industrialist- 9780312543495 •    …An Event Planner- 0470160187 •    …A Record Producer- 0879308745 •    …A Master Jewel Thief- 0375508392 •    …A Video Vixen- 9780060892487 •    …An Economic Hitman- 9780452287082 •    …A Prairie Bitch- 9780061962141 •    …A Subprime Lender- 9780470402191 •    …An Advertising Man- 1904915019

P.S.  I can vouch that the Master Jewel Thief and Event Planner titles are fun reads.