Factiva is a global information resource providing full-text access to top local, national and international newspapers - most notably, The Wall Street Journal. This one amazing resource contains over 8000 publications with content from 200 countries in 26 languages. Use the Simple Search to find articles on a topic or use the Search Builder option to create more in-depth searches by limiting to specific publications. You can also easily browse this week’s popular newspapers using the News Pages. This database is a subscription database, so check with your local library to see if you have online access with your library card or contact Factiva for an individual subscription. Check out this video tutorial to see how Factiva works:

Newspaper Map


Check out Newspaper Map from Great Name. The map includes over 10,000 online newspapers from all over the world. And, most of the maps can be translated, so get the scoop straight from the local newspaper. The easiest way to navigate is  to enter the name of a newspaper in the search-box. If you don't know the name of the paper, you can zoom into the location with a double click of the mouse. Click on a marker and then select your language of choice, and the local newspaper pops up in a new window.