Newspaper Map


Check out Newspaper Map from Great Name. The map includes over 10,000 online newspapers from all over the world. And, most of the maps can be translated, so get the scoop straight from the local newspaper. The easiest way to navigate is  to enter the name of a newspaper in the search-box. If you don't know the name of the paper, you can zoom into the location with a double click of the mouse. Click on a marker and then select your language of choice, and the local newspaper pops up in a new window.

Who's Buying What Where


Who's buying what? Find out with the Euromonitor International data visualization of world spending. The Who's Buying What? map provides the country's average spending per person on clothing, household goods,alcohol & tobacco, recreation, and electronics.

  • Norwegians spend by far the most on recreation - $4,242 per person per year - yes even more than the US!
  • In Brazil they spend the most on alcohol & tobacco
  • Pakistanis spend the least amount on recreation and electronics
  • People in Columbia and Indonesia spend most of the dollars on household goods

World Spending Map